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incredibly scary and extremely paranoid
i had this nightmare a few weeks ago that woke up at 4.30am on a monday morning. a guy was torturing me (and not in a good sexual way) by breaking the bones in my legs. and then he gave up and called the hotel room service to bring a hammer. from what i can remember, he was gonna blind, mute and amputate me.

it was probably the scariest dream i ever had. the weird thing is that i seemed to be resigned to the fact that there's nothing i can do. i wasn't yelling, crying or screaming for help. i was just lying there, waiting for him to get it over and done it. i woke up right after he made the call to room service and it really freaked me out.

i wrote this story after i had the dream. it goes something like this - a 16 year old boy who had the similar dream. he became extremely paranoid about the people around him, he started visiting forums and websites about psychopaths and serial killers and he developed a very sick interest in torturing.

when he was in his twenties he finally mustered up enough courage to meet with a guy from a psychopath forum. just a friendly chat, he thought. but in the hotel room bed, naked and blind-folded, he heard something similar to a grinding knife. and he smiled, he finally met the torturer of his dream.

it's probably the sickest story i've ever written. but there's a hint of bittersweet romance in it, i think.

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still makes no sense lor.

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