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one more bad excuse
i watched shelter a while back and it remains to be one of my favourite gay films. considering that pickings for gay films are rather slim and you always get low budget, crappy productions *coughs*adam&steve*coughs* but shelter is really good. it has such a simple storyline but the character development is really good. we see how zach, the supposedly straight surfer boy, giving up his dream to take care of his nephew and ultimately falling in love with his best friend's brother...culminating with a hot passionate make-out scene. one that gives me instant hardon every time i watch it. ;)

and the movie has one of the best songs ever. lie to me by shane mack. and this line is so bittersweet - 'couldn't you offer me a little dishonesty, promise me you'll try, you'll lie to me.'

here's the music video and it's a little bit NSFW.


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I hate most gay movies.

That said, try Antique

Edited at 2010-03-18 03:25 am (UTC)

have you watched the one by julia robert's brother...'it's my party', i think that's what its called. sounds like a major sobfest, but i'm thinking of getting that dvd.

I cried the most I've ever cried watching a movie watching that movie. :-x

i liked shelter, predictable, but still worth watching.. Latter Days is still my fav though

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