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how to love a superhero #1
i haven't been writing much lately. there's this version of ugly duckling i really want to write, but i can't flesh out the plot. it's supposed to be titled 'the fugly duckling' and he is not gonna be a swan at the end of the story. in fact, he will be living 'uglily ever after'.

i was looking through my writing pad earlier and there are just so many false starts and half-hearted attempts at my writing. there's this one story that i really love, but i only completed a couple of paragraphs. it's titled 'how to love a superhero', it's about a man with a superhero costume fetish who fell in love with an actual superhero. i actually did some research for the main character, who's a meteorologist and you know, it's always the boring ones who can really surprise you with their sexual appetites.

anyhow, here's my weak attempt at a gay lit, hopefully by posting it here i will be more inclined to write some more.

how to love a superhero

As a meteorologist, i was taught to assume that conditions will not change. '"Tomorrow equals today", boys and girls, that is a lesson in weather forecasting as well as a lesson in life.' something that my university professor used to tell us. And 10 years later, i am staring at a satellite image of a could-be hurricane and wondering how my life could change so drastically.

"Tomorrow equals today" - a meteorologist motto that has followed me for the past 10 years has failed me when the fucking love of my life decided that he wants the complete family package - a wife, two children and a big nice house - and he walked out on me.

I have given five years of my life to him, and all i get in return was a simple apology. like a scene out of a sappy love movie, i watched as the door closed in slow motion. it wasn't until 2.30 in the morning before it hit me. this is it, i am finally single. free. woo-fucking-hoo. with the comforter draped around me, i reached out to my ipod and played the sappiest love songs i could find. with whitney and mariah blasting over my headphones, i sobbed myself into sleep.

i woke up a little after 7am and my first reaction was to reach over to hug him. but as soon as i stretched over, i realised he don't live here anymore. and everything else - the ipod on the floor, the soggy tissues - came rushing back to me. i picked up the phone and did something that i haven't done in years.

i called in sick.

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awww, thanks. you're too kind!

Very nice start. For a moment I thought it was an actual blog.

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