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i've found a new use for my dust-collecting ps3! i just found out last night that i'm able to stream videos and music from my macbook using vuze and watch it on my tv!!! hello big screen porn!!!!!

i am also attempting to fully utilize my ps3 by playing dragon age origin. i bought the mac version but i wanted the whole cinematic experience without the lags and crashes. i'm hooked to it and i have a huge huge crush on my sidekick alistair. he is cute, has the funniest one-liner and great voice. this is the type of game i'm playing - he is straight so as a male character i can't have sex with him BUT there's a bisexual character (a rogue elf) that i can invite to my tent. according to the guide book, i can even have foursomes! how awesome!

yes yes, it's sad that i'm so attached to a video game character. :(

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DA:Origins was so last December lorr..

I so made out with that elf too kekeke.. forgot his name though.. starts with Z.

i bought the expansion as well!

dont think i'll bother with that. got kind of boring once my mage was powerful.
just aoe everything down zzz.

Anyways, i've read that the PC version is alot better than the PS3/XBox versions.
The former is more of a classic DnD RPG styled games, while the latter is more of a hack-n-slash thing - due to the difference in controls.

dont you worry. you're not the only one.

i'm soo attached to a manga character as well. ):

yay to big screen porn

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